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Pretty cool

Not bad, not bad. I like your FX and drum transitions. Nice stuttering on the "bass" vox also.

I don't like the first transition, where you dropped the bass and left the synth. I think you had no reason to lose the bass at that particular part-it just feels awkward. If you ever do something like that, cut out everything in the song for only half a second, then bring everything back in with a clash. It sounds awesome.
The second time you dropped the song(with the vinyl scratch) is more along the lines of what I'm talking about.

This song is a bit repetitive for Trance. Always keep your songs interesting. Make people want to listen to the whole song through, and then listen to it again!

Keep up the awesome work man. Great remix.

k-m-g responds:

In my original song outline I wasn't planning on dropping the bass in the sections you referred to but when I left it there and the snares rolled in it created distortion and the only way i knew how to fix that was to remove the bass...Thanks for the review!


Wow, I love this song. downloaded and rated 5 ;) Excellent example of DnB. Awesome melody going there.I like the breakbeat that comes in half way into the song. My only crit is that the song needs more. Try adding more synths. Something to fill in the song and make it more full. Mayby something with a higher pitch to complement all the deep melodies. Also add effects...they never hurt. Great job though.

Check out my song.


Swift-Reason responds:

thank you so much for the awesome review. this piece is still a work in progress, but you have some good suggestions that i will try to work on. thanks for taking the time to review it.


This song is awesome! Great video game feel. It should be much higher on the NG ranks. The scratch then shredding in the middle of the song is completely unexpected, and brilliant. I'm definately downloading this and adding it to my song collection.

Keep up the good work


cornandbeans responds:

heh.. I've learned to deal with downvotes and all that.

and yes, there was some video game inspiration, glad you picked up on it!

thanks for the review!



Great intro. I love the drums in that part...heh, you had great drums through the whole song. I have to agree with the reviewer under me that diddn't like the vocals much, although I do like the "here we go" vocal. It fit well in my oppinion. You gotta make more songs like this man. Great work.

ZeRo-BaSs responds:


Love it

Wow. I love this song. Epic feeling. It's hard to chose a favorite between this one and undead rave. I am a sucker for any music with a great melody, and this song hits the mark. Excellent mastering to top it off! You also have a great intro that takes you right into the song. I get bored with songs that take 30 seconds or more to get into the melody.

All these compliments and nothing to say against it...Like I said before, the mastering is near flawless. If I had to be very picky, I would say that the part near the middle of the song where it slows down just a little and then comes back to speed is a bit awkward, but it certainly dosen't detract from the song much.

Keep up this great work. I love your songs, and can't wait for your next track.


m4ster responds:

near flawless is good enough for me lol. I wasnt in my right mind when I made this... I guess that was a good thing lol

This is a remix

hey AphelionX. You should have mentioned this is a remix of Melange, by Silex. It is an FL studio demo song.
Next time, don't pass others songs off as your own...at least say it's a remix.

That aside, I loved the song. It was full of energy. It might have benefited from louder synths and piano though. Keep up the good work.

AphelionX responds:

i diddent have enough room the mention that i was gonna wait till someone knoticed that its a remix of melange. but yes, it is a remix, hey it was my first song. >.< my bad

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